Ursula and Ulrich Baensch have been married since 1967. They are not only bound by their marriage, but also by their common work with the bromeliads. The result of this successful co-operation has been made obvious by this book.
Ulrich Baensch has been an enthusiastic aquarist and plant lover since childhood. As a graduated scientist in natural history he initially did research in genetics and plant cultivation at scientific institutes, and later became an independent breeder of vegetable seeds and ornamental plants. The founding of TetraWerke in 1950 merely was a return to what he once considered a hobby - the aquaristic. TetraMin subsequently became the most popular fish food worldwide. In addition to the commercial success of the Tetra company, it also brought Ulrich Baensch together with his wife, co-author Ursula Baensch, who worked as his assistant in the research and development department.

Dr. Ulrich and Ursula Baensch

In 1978, both were able to make a life-long dream come true for themselves. After the management of the company was passed on to a worthy successor, Ursula and Ulrich Baensch, together with their son Frank-Ulrich, moved to the Bahamas. It was here that they established their garden "Tropic Beauty." Initially the garden comprised a vast variety of exotic plants which were tended and cared for, but soon a particular liking developed for one group of plants. Bromeliads soon became more and more prominent in the garden.
During the past 12 years, "Tropic Beauty" has turned into a bromeliad paradise in which Ursula and Ulrich Baensch live with and for their plants. Besides the cultivation and breeding, both have dedicated themselves to plant photography. Their vast experience in both has resulted in a documentary book where brilliant color photographs are combined with authoritative information.
I like this book. The enormous number of illustrated species and hybrids is indeed remarkable. Both authors can be very proud of this grand work.

Dr. Elvira Groß, Botanist, Heidelberg