It is the best and most fascinating book of its kind that I have ever seen. In 270 pages (22 x 28 cm), about 1000 flowering bromeliads are reproduced in color, many of them in full-page size, of a quality that cannot be exceeded. But this is not only a fantastic picture book. It is more: it gives information about impressions of two native centers of bromeliads, of Costa Rica and Mexico. All in all, this fantastic work must be recommended not only to all bromeliad lovers but also to horticulturists, breeders and naturalists.

Prof. Dr. Werner Rauh, Journal, book review

The superlatives used by Professor Dr. Rauh in describing the book are fully justified. The concept of an illustrated encyclopedia of bromeliads, something along the lines of a modern, illustrated version has been a goal for years. The Baensch's book is the closest approach yet towards achieving that goal. They have produced an abridged compendium that includes not fewer than 33 of the recognizes 54 genera. The eye catching dust jacket, the illustrated covers with maps on the lining, the paper and printing, the color reproduction, and the binding are first class. The price of the book may cause the individual hobbyist to think twice, but even if used only as an identification tool it will reward the buyer. If studied in detail it will educate any reader.

Tom Lineham, Editor of the Journal

Congratulations, you did a wonderful job. It's certainly the most spectacular and inclusive book ever produced on bromeliads. Our bookshop got in its shipment today and sold almost one third of them to the staff members.

Harry E. Luther, The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Congratulation on this work of art! Of all the bromeliad books I know, this one best reflects the diversity and beauty of this plant family.

Diplom-Biologe Dr. Georg Zizka

Although I am lacking the knowledge of this subject to use the book as a reference, the abundance of gorgeous pictures of exotic plants is reason enough to open it. The feedback you will receive on this book will compensate for all your hard work.

Waltraud Weber

These pictures are enticingly beautiful and the layout is fabulous.

Thomas & Elké Ulbe

The book is amazing! It is filled with the most beautiful photographs. Because of our love for birds, the one with the hummingbird we found to be especially breathtaking. The text sounds as if the authors are speaking directly to each reader.

Dr. Hosford

The book is a beautiful compendium of bromeliads! - A master reference. Some of my favorite photos: The "candy corn" Aechmea with the lizard! Super Idea to include frogs! A tropic plant photographer with a 10.000 book library pronounced the book the "best" reference book combining scientific terms with excellent photos and propagation suggestions.

John Yelen

It is definitely a "can't put it down" book! Your book, besides being a wonderful photographic paradise, is also extremely informative.

B. Sheasby

Congratulations! What a fabulous book! I must say that it has surpassed my expectations, and goes further and wider than I envisaged. I spent a lot of last night going through…

Len Colgan, Australia

…I cannot think how this remarkable book could have been done better.

Karl-Albert Frickhinger

Since I am not a specialist my enjoyment of this book lies in its gorgeous pictures. I can get lost in their array of tropical colors. For me, this book is like a beautiful dream to which one could surrender again and again.

Heiner Hesse

I am writing to thank you for writing such a wonderful book on bromeliads. I am particularly pleased with the number of photos. It is a veritable encyclopedia of bromeliad photos. I find myself looking at them often.

Jason R. Grant

Having bought your book "Blooming Bromeliads" I feel I know you personally although we have never met. Even as an advanced bromeliad grower for 30 years I was impressed with this excellent publication, the fines of its type for the layman enthusiast.

Lawn, Western Australia
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