This Book

This Book

opens the reader the gate
to the world of bromeliads,

the most interesting tropical plant family you can find.

The BROMELIACEAE, a family of monocotyledons, consolidates 3000 species and varieties in 52 genera. Their distribution covers the Neotropics which consists of the regions of Central and South America between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, occasionally extending to the north and south.
These exotic plants have a diversity of shapes and flowers not equaled by other plants in the floral world. Their ecology is highly unusual. Many species arrange their leaves in rosette-shaped tanks from which they absorb water and nutrients. Others, the air-bromeliads or epiphytes, flourish in the lofty tops of trees in the presence of sunlight, obtaining nutrients from dew and fog.

Upon first glance, the splendid colors of the variously shaped inflorescences hold you spellbound. More time is required to become absorbed with the pictures and text so that gradually you begin to develop an understanding for the amazing life of these fascinating plants in their fight for survival.
As the table of contents indicates, the book leads you through all aspects of the world of bromeliads. The color pictures, with their expressiveness, clearly dominate but are accompanied by a vivid, easy-to-follow text. The competence and extensive hands-on experience of the authors will make "Blooming Bromeliads" an indispensable reference for plant lovers and horticulturists of all levels.

Ulrich and Ursula BAENSCH have been living among their plants in Nassau, Bahamas, since 1978. Their garden TROPIC BEAUTY is home to thousands of bromeliads which have been cared for until the desired flowers finally appeared and were photographed for this folio with its unique wealth of illustrations.
Hence, this book is to be understood as a botanical/horticultural reference as well as a folio dedicated to the beauty of the plants - a gift to every nature and plant lover.
As an introduction to this book, the following chapter takes the reader on a walk through TROPIC BEAUTY Gardens.